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Power BI Embedded Bookmarks API

Published date: April 02, 2018

Power BI Embedded has released a set of JavaScript APIs that lets you use and control bookmarks in your application. Here are the core functionalities:

  • Apply and control UI elements of predefined bookmarks. With the Bookmarks API, developers can control the experience of the application’s users. Developers can apply specific bookmarks on load or after a specific action in the app's flow, show or hide the bookmarks pane, and apply or disable the play mode of bookmarks.
  • Create external bookmarks for a personalized experience. By capturing the report page’s state, the application creates a new bookmark that is managed and owned by the application itself. It creates great options for application developers:
    • Personalized bookmarks. Though your users are not Power BI users, you can still give them a personalized experience. For each user, you can save his/her own set of bookmarks and make it available or apply it during the session for that specific user.
    • Sharing. As the application developer, you decide who can see and use the bookmarks that your users create. For example, you can create insight-sharing experiences by adding bookmarks to a URL and letting your users share links to open reports with the bookmark already applied. 
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