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Maintenance control for platform updates now generally available

Published date: April 28, 2020

The maintenance control feature for Azure Virtual Machines platform updates is now generally available for Azure Dedicated Hosts and isolated virtual machines (VMs). This feature gives you more control over platform maintenance when dealing with highly sensitive workloads. Use this feature to control all host updates, including rebootless updates, within a 35-day window.

The ability to control the maintenance window is particularly useful when you deploy workloads that are extremely sensitive to interruptions running on an Azure Dedicated Host or an isolated VM where the underlying physical server runs a single customer’s workload. This feature is not supported for VMs deployed in hosts shared with other customers.

Customers like financial services providers, gaming companies, or media streaming services using Azure Dedicated Hosts or isolated VMs will benefit by being able to manage necessary updates without any impact on their most critical Azure resources.

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