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Generally available: New storage backend for Durable Functions — Microsoft Netherite & MSSQL

Published date: February 01, 2023

Azure Durable Functions support for the new storage providers, Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), is now generally available. 

The Netherite storage provider was developed by Microsoft Research and is powered by Azure Event Hubs and Azure Page Blobs. It uses the FASTERdatabase technology from Microsoft Research. The Netherite provider supports significantly higher throughput than the other Durable Functions storage providers while also being more cost-effective for high-throughput workloads.

The Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) storage provider was designed to fulfill enterprise needs, including the ability to decouple from the Azure cloud. It is compatible with both on-premises and cloud-hosted deployments of SQL Server, including Azure SQL Database.

To learn more, read this blog post about Netherite and MSSQL and see the Durable Functions storage providers documentation 

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