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Achieve higher performance and cost savings on Azure Disk Storage with performance tiers

Published date: September 22, 2020

To sustain high performance demands for a specific duration, such as running a training environment during daytime, performance testing, and an event like Black Friday, you can now set the performance tier of your Premium SSDs without increasing the capacity of the disk. This provides the flexibility to achieve higher performance while also controlling costs. To start with, a baseline performance tier is set based the provisioned disk size. However, when your application has higher performance demands, you can choose a higher performance tier. Once the period of high demand is complete, your provisioned disk can return to the initial baseline performance tier. For example, if you provision a P10 disk (128GB), your baseline performance tier is set as P10 (500 IOPS and 100MB/s). You can update the tier to match the performance of P50 (7500 IOPS and 250MBs) and return to P10 when higher performance is no longer needed.

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