Azure Cosmos DB

グローバルに展開可能なアプリ向けの、高速かつスケーラブルなグローバル分散 NoSQL データベース サービス

Azure Cosmos DB was built from the ground up with global distribution and horizontal scale at its core. It offers turnkey global distribution across any number of Azure regions by transparently scaling and replicating your data wherever your users are. Elastically scale throughput and storage worldwide, and pay only for the throughput and storage you need. Azure Cosmos DB guarantees single-digit-millisecond latencies at the 99th percentile anywhere in the world, offers multiple well-defined consistency models to fine-tune performance, and guarantees high availability with multi-homing capabilities—all backed by industry-leading, comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs).

Turnkey global distribution

Easily build globally-distributed applications without the hassle of complex, multiple-datacenter configurations. Designed as a globally distributed database system, Azure Cosmos DB automatically replicates all of your data to any number of regions of your choice, for fast, responsive access. Azure Cosmos DB supports transparent multi-homing and guarantees 99.99% high availability.

Multi-model + multi-API

Only Azure Cosmos DB allows you to use key-value, graph, and document data in one service, at global scale and without worrying about schema or index management. Azure Cosmos DB automatically indexes all data, and allows you to use your favorite API including SQL, JavaScript, Gremlin, MongoDB, and Azure Table Storage to access your data.

Limitless elastic scale around the globe

With Azure Cosmos DB, you only pay for the throughput and storage you need. Azure Cosmos DB allows you independently and elastically scale storage and throughput at anytime, anywhere across the globe.

Multiple, well-defined consistency choices

Azure Cosmos DB offers five well-defined consistency levels—strong, bounded staleness, consistent-prefix, session, and eventual—for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability for your planet-scale app.

Guaranteed low latency at 99th percentile

Serve read and write requests from the nearest region while simultaneously distributing data across the globe. With its latch-free and write optimized database engine, Azure Cosmos DB guarantees less than 10-ms latencies on reads and less than 15-ms latencies on (indexed) writes at the 99th percentile.

Industry-leading, enterprise-grade SLAs

Rest assured your apps are running on a “battle-tested” database service, built on world-class infrastructure. Azure Cosmos DB gives you enterprise-grade security and compliance, and is the first and only service to offer industry-leading SLAs for 99.99% high availability, latency at the 99th percentile, guaranteed throughput, and consistency.

DocumentDB をご利用いただいているお客様

Azure DocumentDB で作成可能なもの

以下のユース ケースをご覧ください。


各 DocumentDB コレクションへパーティションを簡単に追加してストレージとスループットを柔軟に拡張することで、インターネット スケールの Web/モバイル アプリケーションの使用量が急増した場合にも対応できます。 任意の他のリージョンとの間でデータをレプリケートすることで、世界中のユーザーが短い待機時間でアクセスできるようにすることも可能です。

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Instantly, elastically scale to accommodate diverse and unpredictable IoT workloads without sacrificing ingestion or query performance.

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IoT とテレマティクス用ソリューションの図


Generate personalized recommendations for customers in real time, using low-latency and tunable consistency settings for immediate insights.

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Diagram of Real-time Personalization solution

Retail and e-commerce

Support in-depth queries over diverse product catalogs, traffic spikes, and rapidly changing inventory.

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最新のゲームの多くは、クラウド データベースを活用して、ゲーム内統計やハイスコア ランキングなどのソーシャル コンテンツや個人向けコンテンツを配信しています。ほとんどのゲームのデータベースでは、ラグをなくすために読み取りおよび書き込みの待機時間が 1 ミリ秒程度である必要があり、また新しいゲームや機能の配信開始時には要求レートの急増に対処する必要があります。

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New to Azure Cosmos DB?

Watch What is Azure Cosmos DB or read Introducing Azure Cosmos DB to see if our globally distributed, multi model database service is right for your applications, including web high-scale gaming, social, and Internet of Things (IoT) app scenarios.

Looking for DocumentDB SQL and JavaScript API?

Azure Cosmos DB has native DocumentDB API support, and you can still use DocumentDB SQL and JavaScript APIs like you did before.

Got a MongoDB app?

With native API support for MongoDB, you can use Azure Cosmos DB as a fully managed database service for your MongoDB app without any code changes.

Familiar with Azure Table storage APIs?

Use Azure Cosmos DB as a blazing fast key-value, globally distributed database for your Azure Table storage based application, without any code changes with the Table API. You now get secondary indexes, global distribution, policy based failover capabilities, and much more.

Globally distributed graph queries using Gremlin APIs, anyone?

Take advantage of native Graph APIs on Azure Cosmos DB without any code changes. You can now issue globally distributed graph queries using Gremlin with Graph API. )

Real time Machine Learning over globally distributed datasets using Apache Spark

For real-time machine learning over globally distributed datasets managed by Azure Cosmos DB, you can use the Spark connector to issue Apache Spark queries. The Spark connector takes advantage of native indexes managed by Azure Cosmos DB, resulting in significant performance gains.

開発者の場合 この方法が適切です。

Start by building a simple .NET or Node.js app, or build a complete web app using existing SQL and NoSQL skills with Azure Cosmos DB’s multi-model APIs, including DocumentDB, MongoDB, Graph, and Table.


SQL Database

サービスとしての管理されたリレーショナル SQL Database

App Service

コンテナーを使用して Linux で動作する Web アプリをデプロイする


クラウド Hadoop 、Spark、R Server、HBase、および Storm クラスターのプロビジョニング

DocumentDB で高速かつスケーラブルなグローバル分散 NoSQL を使ってみる