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Azure Cosmos DB—Storage Explorer

更新日: 2017年11月9日

Azure Cosmos DB now comes with a desktop data management tooling offered via Azure Storage Explorer.

プレビュー Azure Cosmos DB

Azure App Service and Functions on Azure Stack

更新日: 2017年11月9日

We’re pleased to share that Azure App Service and Functions are now generally available on Azure Stack.

提供開始 Azure Stack App Service

Windows Server system state backup to Azure

更新日: 2017年11月9日

Backing up your Windows Server system state to Azure gives you a very simple, secure and cost-effective way of protecting Windows Servers.

提供開始 Azure Active Directory

Azure SQL Database automatic tuning by default powered by artificial intelligence

更新日: 2017年11月9日

Automatic tuning in Azure SQL Database uses the power of artificial intelligence to provide insight into potential query performance problems, recommend solutions, and automatically fix identified problems.

プレビュー SQL Database Cognitive Services

Geo-replication in Azure Container Registry

更新日: 2017年10月27日

Geo-replication will enable Container Registry to function as a single registry while being available for local operations in the replicated regions.

プレビュー Container Registry

Azure Container Service managed Kubernetes

更新日: 2017年11月7日

Microsoft continues to innovate container services with the availability of managed Kubernetes in Azure Container Service (preview).

プレビュー Container Service

Azure Logic Apps—Connector for Workday Human Capital Management

更新日: 2017年10月27日

Azure Logic Apps will help customers connect apps, data, and devices anywhere—on premises or in the cloud. The new Logic Apps connector for Workday Human Capital Management will make it easy to create workflows to manage important HR tasks.

プレビュー Logic Apps

Global virtual network peering

更新日: 2017年10月16日

Global virtual network peering will enable you to peer virtual networks belonging to different Azure regions.

プレビュー Virtual Network

Azure Application Insights SDK for Node.js

更新日: 2017年10月15日

With Azure Application Insights for Node.js, developers can easily monitor Node.js apps and services in production for availability, performance, and usage.

プレビュー Application Insights

Java support for Azure Functions

更新日: 2017年10月15日

Java support for Azure Functions is now available in public preview.

プレビュー Functions