Azure Sphere 19.02 のパブリック プレビューの提供を開始


本日マイクロソフトは、Azure Sphere 19.02 をリリースしました。パブリック プレビュー開始後 2 回目の四半期リリースとなる今回は、対応デバイスを拡大し、市場投入までの期間を短縮できる新しい参照用ソリューションを追加しました。さらに、Azure Sphere をご利用中のお客様からのフィードバックも優先的に反映しています。

Partner Director of Engineering, Azure Sphere

Azure Monitor January 2019 updates


Azure Monitor provides sophisticated tools for collecting and analyzing telemetry that allow you to maximize the performance and availability of your cloud while also maximizing on-premises resources and applications.

Program Manager, Azure Monitor

Read Replicas for Azure Database for PostgreSQL now in preview


We are excited to announce public preview availability of Read Replicas for Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Azure Database for PostgreSQL now supports continuous, asynchronous replication of data from one Azure Database for PostgreSQL server (the "master”) to up to five Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers (the “read replicas”) in the same region.

Principal Software Engineer

Microsoft and Citus Data: Providing the best PostgreSQL service in the cloud


Today, we announced the acquisition of Citus Data, an innovative open source extension to scale out PostgreSQL databases without the need to re-architect existing applications. Citus Data delivers unparalleled performance and scalability by intelligently distributing data and queries across multiple nodes, which makes sharding simple.

Partner Director, Software Engineering

Microsoft Azure portal January 2019 update


This month we’re bringing you updates that improve the ease of navigation of the landing page, add to dashboard tile features, and increase functionality in Azure Container Instances.

Partner Group Program Manager, Azure portal