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Announcing Azure Data Lake Store Capture Provider for Event Hubs Capture

Event Hubs Capture is the most easiest way to stream data into Azure with its simple setup, fully managed and providing a perfect on-ramp to compose Big data solutions. Today along with pulling data into Azure Storage, Capture supports pulling data into Azure Data Lake Store.

Event Hubs Capture went to generally availability in June 2017. To this feature, we are adding Azure Data Lake Store as a new Capture provider. Yes, you can now choose your Azure Data Lake Store to capture events from Event Hubs.

Event Hubs Capture addresses key scenarios of data-streaming such as long-term data retention and downstream micro-batch processing. Capture enabled on your event hub pulls the data directly from Event Hubs to your Azure Data Lake Store. Capture will manage all the compute and downstream processing required to do this. Create your Azure Data Lake Store and set up appropriate permissions for your event hub that has Capture enabled, and you will see how easy it is to stream data into Azure.

How can I enable this provider?

Azure Data Lake Store provider can be enabled in one of the following ways:

  1. On Azure portal, by selecting Azure Data Lake store from the Capture Provider
  2. Azure Resource Manager templates

Once Capture is enabled with Azure Data Lake Store as the provider, choose your time and size window, and you will see your events being captured in your chosen destination.

Event Hubs Capture provides the benefit of simple setup, reduced cost of ownership, no configuration overheads so you can focus on your apps while providing near-real time batch analytics.

Unleash the power of Azure Data Lake Store for your big data requirements at real-time or batch processing and visualization. With Event Hubs Capture streaming data, you can now optimize your data analysis and visualization.

Enjoy this new provider and refer to this article for more details on enabling your Azure Data Lake Store to capture events from your event hub.

Happy eventing!

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