Trustmarque, part of Capita plc

Trustmarque, part of Capita plc

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Simplify your cloud journey and drive transformation faster

At Trustmarque, our Cloud solutions are designed in the knowledge that no two organisations are at the same point on their cloud journey.
Whether you are in the middle of your cloud strategy or just beginning your transformation, we bring simplicity and determine a clear path for the adoption and management of cloud technologies.

Cloud promises value in many ways: Trustmarque helps define, accelerate and assure your journey to make sure those promises are delivered.

We can deliver the following Cloud services

1) Strategy and Vision through our Cloud Adoption Framework
2) Cloud Foundations - Licensing recommendations, (EA versus CSP), Azure Operations Workshops & Cloud ESP
3) Delivery - Cloud Application Readiness Assessments, (CARA), Migration Factory and Subscription Healthcheck
4) Cloud Improvement - Innovation Labs and Managed Code Services

Cloud-ESP is Trustmarque's online web portal which provides the management access and controls to manage the costs of your Microsoft Cloud services.

So Why Choose Trustmarque?

At Trustmarque, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model to making cloud work. We empower organisations to discover the true benefits of the Cloud and deliver business value faster. Our market leading experience, ensures our customers get the most from the Cloud tailored to individual needs. We provide customers with a full end-to-end service offering from licensing and provisioning through to ongoing support and management


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