Diagramics Software Corporation

Diagramics Software Corporation

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Diagramics Software Corporation assists organization, cloud solution providers, and partners in the deployment, installation, optimization, architecture, development, support and maintenance
of Azure Public and Private Cloud solutions.
Diagramics also provides consulting services for Azure Government environments.

Diagramics is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995 and earns Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform competency in Azure technologies.
Diagramics consulting team consists of Microsoft-certified Azure developers, architects, former Microsoft employees.

Diagramics provides various consulting and planning services for public, private and hybrid Azure cloud scenarios:
- Azure Active Directory SSO and synchronization with on-premise directories (DirSync, Azure AD Connect);
- Azure "Site-to-Site" and "Point-to-Site" VPN configuration;
- custom development of PowerApps;
- custom development of Windows 10 apps;
- integration and management of Azure App Services (Logic Apps, API Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps) and App Service Environments;
- integration and management of Azure AD SaaS applications;
- deployment and management of Azure RemoteApps;
- design and management of Azure SQL data solutions;
- custom design of Azure BI and data visualization solutions;
- deployment and management of Notification Hubs, Event Hub, and Service Bus;
- deployment and management of Azure Automation and API Management services;
- Azure Storage design and usage optimization;
- management and deployment of Azure VM in pure-cloud and hybrid scenarios (VPN, auto-scale, SQL on VM, WebJobs, etc. ),


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