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Azure webinar series: Reduce Costs and Drive Business Value with SAP on Azure

Register for this webinar to learn from Forrester Consulting and Microsoft experts about the return on investment companies could achieve from choosing Azure to run their SAP workloads. You’ll learn best practices and more from Forrester’s 2021 Total Economic Impact study and will receive a complimentary copy of The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Azure for SAP.

Azure webinar series: Migrate Your MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases to Azure

Migrate your open-source databases to Azure, use your existing skills and tools while removing the burden of database administration. Ensure high availability and optimal performance of your data and leverage advanced database security. Join this webinar to learn about the benefits of migrating your MySQL and PostgreSQL database to Azure, how to get started with a technical demo, and guidance and migration tools to plan and implement your move to the cloud.

Azure webinar series: Kubernetes on Azure: Lessons Learned From Real-World Deployments

Businesses use Kubernetes in all kinds of scenarios, from moving applications to the cloud to simplifying challenges in machine learning and AI. But, while Kubernetes is the tool of choice for app management today, its complexity can sometimes hinder developers. You may find it easiest to work through the more complicated aspects of Kubernetes by solving real-world problems.

Hands-on Training Series for Azure Synapse Analytics - Episode 3: Big Data and Operational Analytics

Create and optimize an Apache Spark pool with auto-scaling and query optimization; perform analytics on operational data with Azure Synapse Link.

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