Visual Studio 2017 Launch and 20th Anniversary Event

Azure updates

Azure SQL hybrid data movement

3 23 – Moving data around efficiently in a hybrid cloud environment is critical and challenging. In this blog, we are going to introduce options in different data movement scenarios built on top of on-premises SQL Server, Azure SQL VMs and Azure SQL Databases.

Azure DocumentDB supports aggregate functions

3 23 – DocumentDB now supports aggregate functions.

Announcing Azure Service Fabric 5.5 and SDK 2.5

3 23 – Customers around the world are delivering their mission critical business applications as always-on, scalable, and distributed services built using Azure Service Fabric. Last week we rolled out Azure…

Announcing the General Availability of Geographic Routing capability in Azure Traffic Manager

3 22 – Do you have a global user base and would like to customize content based on regions where your users are located? Have you felt the need to comply with policy mandates that require the restriction of…

Create a WordPress application by using Web Apps on Linux

3 22 – WordPress for App Service on Linux, available in the Azure Marketplace, helps you quickly create a WordPress application on Web Apps (Linux).

Join Us: Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event and 20th Anniversary

2 9 – Today, I’m proud and humbled that Visual Studio is turning twenty – we’re celebrating two decades of Visual Studio! As we hit this great milestone, I’m also excited to announce that Visual Studio 2017 will be released on March 7.

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