Azure HPC Cache: Azure とオンプレミス ストレージの間の待機時間を短縮


Microsoft は本日、Azure の新しいサービスとして、Azure HPC Cache サービスのプレビュー提供を開始しました。Azure HPC Cache を使用すると、大規模かつ複雑なハイパフォーマンス コンピューティング (HPC) ワークロードを Azure でより簡単に実行できるようになります。

Principal Program Manager

Microsoft Azure, the cloud for high performance computing


Today, we continue to see customers leveraging Azure to push through new frontiers in high performance and accelerated computing. From Neuroiniative’s quest to accelerate drug discovery for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases to EFS’s building of self-driving car technologies, a vast number of customers are leveraging Azure for breakthrough innovation.

Partner PM Manager, Azure Specialized Compute

Mellanox uses Azure to accelerate network design


What do you do when your networking powers 60 percent of the HPC systems on the Top500 supercomputer list and you have 70 percent market share for 25G and faster network adapters? You continue to push the boundaries of performance to keep your position. But developing high-speed, low-latency networking gear is not an easy process, and you need to have an efficient IT infrastructure to hold your mission.

Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Scale up your deep learning with Batch AI preview


Imagine reducing your training time for an epoch from 30 minutes to 30 seconds, and testing many different hyper-parameter weights at the same time. Available now in public preview, Batch AI is a new service that helps you train and test deep learning and other AI or machine learning models with the same scale and flexibility used by Microsoft’s data scientists.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Big Compute Team

Run massive parallel R Jobs in Azure, now at a fraction of the price


doAzureParallel's second major release comes with full support for low-priority VMs, letting R users run their R jobs on Azure’s surplus compute capacity at up to an 80% discount. In addition to this capability, we are introducing new features to the package to let users take advantage of Azure Batch’s flexible infrastructure for parameter tuning, data-prep/ETL, and simulation.

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