Announcing Azure Building Blocks


The Azure Building Blocks project is a command line tool and set of Azure Resource Manager templates designed to simplify deployment of Azure resources. Users author a set of simplified parameters to specify settings for Azure resources, and the command line tool merges these parameters with best practice defaults to produce a set of final parameter files that can be deployed with the Azure Resource Manager templates.

Senior Content Developer, Microsoft Azure

Parse から Azure への移行


これまで、モバイル アプリをサポートするバックエンドとして Parse のホスティング サービスをご利用になっていた方にとって、今こそ Azure App Service をお試しになる絶好のタイミングだと言えるのではないでしょうか。

Senior Content Developer, C+E CSI

Simple Azure Websites: Deployment


My preferred method of deploying to an Azure Web Site is using git, partially because this is a feature I've been involved with from the beginning (it's known as Kudu). However, in some cases, I just need to deploy a bunch of files from my local machine with minimal fuss, and using git is overkill. For these scenarios WebDeploy (aka msdeploy) really shines.

Principal Development Lead, Azure App Platform