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Preview: programmatically create Azure enterprise subscriptions using ARM APIs

We've created an API and a suite of SDK for Azure EA subscription creation.

In the past, Azure customers on Enterprise Agreement (EA) have subscriptions that are centrally controlled by the company’s cloud operations or IT team. When a team or employee in the company wants to start using Azure, they need to get access to the EA enrollment so that it gets billed to the company EA. To do that, the employee or team makes a request to the central cloud operations team, go through approval, and have an Azure subscription provisioned as prescribed by the company’s cloud governance policies. During this process, an EA subscription must be manually created using the Azure Account Center. As these company’s Azure adoption increases, the manual step in creating subscriptions becomes a bottleneck in scalability in their cloud management.

To unblock these customers, we've created an API and a suite of SDK for Azure EA subscription creation.

Get started with Azure EA subscription creation API

To get started, see documentation at Programmatically create Azure enterprise subscriptions (preview) and our sample code. In this release, you can

  • Create an Azure EA subscription (regular or dev/test) as an Account Owner.
  • Use Azure RBAC to give another user or service principal to create subscriptions on behalf of an Account Owner.
  • Specify the display name of the subscription at time of creation.
  • Optionally add other users in your tenant as RBAC Owners of the subscription.

Make sure to review the limits of the API in the linked documentation to see it's right for you.

Looking forward

Along with Management Groups and Azure Policy, we're working to improve Azure management for medium to large enterprises. In the future, we also want to provide functionality like subscription rename, cancel, and reactivate via API. Give us feedback in the comments below or via UserVoice!

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