In July, we announced Inside Azure for IT, an online technical skilling resource designed for cloud professionals to transform their IT operations with Azure best practices and insights. The team here has been so inspired by how many of you have used Inside Azure for IT to connect and collaborate from virtually everywhere. Whether you engaged in the monthly, live ask-the-product-experts sessions or shared learnings from the new video series I host, the Azure team and I are thankful for your participation, feedback, and partnership. 

We all know IT jobs are getting harder. You’ve had to make hybrid work possible—whether employees are local or spread across the world. This has meant embracing the cloud at an accelerated rate, and while doing this, you’ve had to work better with internal teams and developers to ensure security, availability, and consistent management.

I was recently talking with an IT director who felt, even though they’d done a great job of making it possible for employees to work from home or the office, their rush to do this left them with some outdated IT processes. We talked about some simple yet impactful steps they could take to improve their IT management and governance to make things more adaptive and flexible. Today, we’re rolling out our second episode of Inside Azure for IT where we’ll explore some of that advice to give you tips you can use today, regardless of industry or size of business.

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We’ve broken the episode into three “snackable” segments, so you can jump between topics based on what advice you need at the moment.

Segment one: Connect your workforce using Microsoft 365 and Azure

Tara Roth, Corporate Vice President of Customer Success Engineering, joins me to talk about securely enabling users to work virtually from anywhere and on any device. More than just ensuring new employees are set up for the first time, we discuss building resilience and agility with tools needed to help people stay running.

Segment two: Manage hybrid and distributed IT environments at scale

Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager for Windows Server, and I discuss modernizing business processes and legacy systems with the cloud to improve the way you operate. Jeff also shares real-world examples for automating the way you manage, monitor, and secure resources—regardless of where they are—so that you can simplify operations and save time.

Segment three: Use DevOps to build cloud-native apps anywhere

Lastly, I’m joined by Scott Hanselman, Partner Program Manager for VS and .NET, to share best practices in collaborating with development teams and building cloud-native applications that power digital transformation in a DevOps culture. Scott and I discuss ways you can overcome challenges at the various stages of remote engineering.

As you’ll observe throughout these conversations, small steps can lead to big results when it comes to empowering people, infrastructure processes, and investments. Applying these learnings can help you overcome challenges at every step of remote software development and IT management.

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There are many more technical and cloud-skilling resources available through Inside Azure for IT. Learn more about empowering an adaptive IT environment with best practices and resources designed to enable productivity, digital transformation, and innovation. Take advantage of technical training videos and learn about implementing these scenarios with Inside Azure for IT.

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