Azure Site Recovery support for Storage Spaces and Windows Server 2016

7月 11, 2017 に投稿済み

Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

We recently announced the public preview of disaster recovery for Azure IaaS machines, which allows you to replicate applications between Azure regions as well as create networks, storage accounts, and availability sets. This capability reduces the complexity typically involved in setting up disaster recovery and helps you stay compliant by having a business continuity plan in place to keep applications available during a disaster.

Today we are announcing Azure Site Recovery between Azure region’s support for Windows Server 2016 and Storage Spaces.

Windows Server 2016 has seen tremendous adoption on both private clouds as well as on Azure in the few months since the time it became generally available. Azure Site Recovery for Azure virtual machines now supports workloads running on Windows Server 2016 Data center and Windows Server 2016 Data center – server core editions.

Storage spaces is a technology in Windows Server that enables virtualization of storage by grouping disks into storage pools for performance, flexibility and storage scaling. Storage spaces is a commonly utilized configuration on Azure virtual machines to improve input/output performance by striping disks and to create logical disks larger than 4 TB. For example, this is a very common configuration in SQL workloads where need for higher performance and capacity is obvious. In the latest release of Azure Site Recovery, we’ve also added support for this commonly used configuration, thereby allowing Azure customers that are using storage spaces to benefit from better availability and compliance for these workloads.

Check out our product information to start replicating your IaaS workloads between Azure regions today.

Visit the Azure Site Recovery forum on MSDN for additional information and to engage with other customers or use the ASR User Voice to let us know what features you want.