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Announcing Update 3.0 for StorSimple 8000 series

We are pleased to announce update 3.0 for StorSimple 8000 series.

We are pleased to announce update 3.0 for StorSimple 8000 series. This release has the following new features and improvements (for full list, check the link below to the release notes):

  • This release improves the read and write performance to the cloud. This results in faster backups to the cloud, reading of tiered data from cloud or reading/restoring data post failover during a disaster recovery operation
  • Enables the standby controller on the 8000 series physical appliance to perform space reclamation and ensure active controller resources focus on serving data for active I/O
  • We have made improvements to the monitoring charts which are available on the StorSimple Management Service

The automated update is released in a phased approach over the coming months and will be available for all customers to apply from the StorSimple Management Service in Azure.  The update can also be manually applied using hotfix method (see link below).

Next steps:

StorSimple 8000 Series Update 3 release notes

Install Update 3 on your StorSimple device