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App Center pricing

Visual Studio App Center is retiring on March 31, 2025. Learn more

Build, test, release, and monitor your mobile and desktop apps

Quickly create high-quality apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Automate your build, test, and distribution pipelines. And continuously monitor real-time performance. All in one place.

Pay as your app grows

Visual Studio App Center's pricing is flexible, enabling you to choose and integrate just the services you need. Upgrade now.

Tier Benefit Included Price
Run unlimited, faster builds Ship your app faster with multiple builds running in parallel. Each build you pay for comes with unlimited build time, ensuring all builds run and complete. $40/month
per build concurrency
Standard Test Plan Run UI tests on thousands of real devices and OS configurations. Each device concurrency comes with 30 device hours. $99/month
per build concurrency
Enterprise Test Plan Unlimited test hours on thousands of real devices and OS configurations. Each device concurrency comes with unlimited device hours. $499/month
per device concurrency

Azure pricing and purchasing options

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App Center

Learn more about App Center features and capabilities.

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Review the Service Level Agreement for App Center.


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  • A build concurrency is the number of builds that can run in parallel at any given time. When additional builds are triggered, they are queued and will wait for the previous one to complete.

  • A test device concurrency determines the number of devices you can use simultaneously. For example, with 5 concurrent devices you can test 5 different device configurations in the same amount of time it would normally take to test 1.

    We measure usage in device hours, which is a calculation of all activities on a device initiated by your test. For example, a 12–minute test suite run on 5 device configurations will consume 60 minutes, or 1 device hour. Time spent downloading apps, processing screenshots, and generating test reports do not count as billable time.

  • For 30 days, you will be able to test your app on more than 450 device configurations. With the trial, you can use 1 device with unlimited test hours.

  • While the monthly credit does not apply toward Visual Studio App Center purchases, you can still use this Azure subscription for billing. You’ll just need to set up a method of payment and remove the $0 spending cap. Learn more about monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers.

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