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Spinning up cloud-scale analytics is even more compelling with Talend and Microsoft


Today, we're excited to share two announcements that make adopting Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse (ADW) a no-brainer. First, ADW significantly increased the lead over the competition with the new price-performance benchmarks published by GigaOm, showing exponential price-performance improvements over similar solutions.

Sr. Partner Development Manager

Stay informed about service issues with Azure Service Health


When your Azure resources go down, one of your first questions is probably, “Is it me or is it Azure?” Azure Service Health helps you stay informed and take action when Azure service issues like incidents and planned maintenance affect you by providing a personalized health dashboard, customizable alerts, and expert guidance.

Program Manager, Azure Service Health

Microsoft continues to build the case for data estate modernization on Azure


With the latest release of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft doubles-down on Azure SQL DW as one of the core data services for digital transformation on Azure. In addition to the fundamental benefits of agility, on-demand scaling and unlimited compute availability, the most recent price-to-performance metrics from the GigaOM report are one of several the compelling arguments they have made for customers to adopt Azure SQL DW.

Sr. Partner Development Manager, OCP

それぞれに優れたサービスが集まって比類のないサービスを実現:3 つの優れた Azure Data Services の更新を発表


Julia White が本日のブログでお伝えしたように、Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 と Azure Data Explorer の一般提供を開始しました。また、Azure Data Factory の Mapping Data Flow のプレビューも発表しました。

Director of Product Management, Azure Engineering

Azure SQL Data Warehouse のクエリ ストアの一般提供のお知らせ


プレビューのお知らせ以降、数百ものお客様がクエリ ストアを有効にし、クエリ パフォーマンスについての分析情報を提供しています。Azure SQL Data Warehouse のクエリ ストアが世界規模で一般提供されることをお知らせします。

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL Data Warehouse