HockeyApp Pricing

With HockeyApp, you select your plan based on the number of apps you want to host, and the number of owners you will have on the subscription. All plans include unlimited storage, crash reports, users, feedback and symbolication of your crash reports.

HockeyApp Business Plans

Number of Apps 500 45 2 15 250 120
Number of Owners 100 9 1 3 50 20
Monthly Pricing $500.0 $60.0 Free $30.0 $250.0 $120.0

Number of apps - The number of apps that you can create for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows (the same app for each platform counts as a separate app). Each app can have any number of versions.

Number of owners – The number of owners who can create and delete apps in your HockeyApp account.

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