HockeyApp pricing

With HockeyApp, you select your plan based on the number of apps you want to host, and the number of owners you will have on the subscription. All plans include unlimited storage, crash reports, users, feedback and symbolication of your crash reports.

HockeyApp Business Plans

Number of Apps 10 15 45 120 250 500
Number of Owners 1 3 9 20 50 100
Monthly Pricing Free $30 $60 $120 $250 $500

Number of apps - The number of apps that you can create for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows (the same app for each platform counts as a separate app). Each app can have any number of versions.

Number of owners – The number of owners who can create and delete apps in your HockeyApp account.

Support & SLA


  • Start with the plan that fits the number of apps and owners you have now; you can always change to a larger plan later as your needs grow. Keep in mind that if you have an app that is being released on both iOS and Android, that will count as two apps, whether you build it with Cordova and a single code base, or build for each platform natively.

  • In the free HockeyApp plan, you are the only owner and you can manage up to 10 apps. There are no data retention limits and of course you can upload as many versions of your 10 apps as needed.

  • No. You cannot use monthly Azure credits included with Visual Studio subscriptions and Visual Studio Dev Essentials to pay for HockeyApp, instead you will be billed for these charges.

  • To change plans, just cancel your HockeyApp plan and then purchase a new plan. The first month of charges for the new plan are prorated based on the number of days remaining in the current month. You can use the activation link on the purchase confirmation email to transfer all your data from your old plan to new plan anytime.

  • No problem, you’ll do this by buying the same plan through the Visual Studio Marketplace (which uses Azure for billing), transferring your apps and data, and then canceling your old plan on After you purchase in the Visual Studio Marketplace you will receive an activation email with instruction to choose a new or an existing HockeyApp account. Through the new transfer button on the billing page, you will be able to transfer the plan (and all associated data) to a different account at any time. Once you’ve confirmed that everything has been transferred properly, go ahead and cancel the old plan on


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