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Databases on Azure

Build AI-ready apps with intelligent cloud databases.
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Databases to power a new era of apps


Explore database services

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Relational databases

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale​

Build highly scalable, AI-ready applications at commercial open-source database prices.
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Relational databases

Azure SQL Database

Modernize apps on a fully managed and intelligent SQL database built for the cloud.
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Relational databases

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Modernize SQL Server applications with a managed, always-up-to-date instance in the cloud.
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Relational databases

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Migrate your SQL Server workloads with ease and maintain operating system-level access.
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Relational databases

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Migrate to a fully managed PostgreSQL database service with support for the latest versions.
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Relational databases

Azure Database for MySQL​

Modernize on a fully managed MySQL database service with elastic scaling.
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Relational databases

Oracle Database@Azure

Migrate your Oracle Database workloads and combine the best of Oracle with the best of Azure.
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NoSQL databases

Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL

Enjoy the best end-to-end Azure Cosmos DB experience with the native document API.
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NoSQL databases

Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra​

Modernize Cassandra data clusters with a scalable managed instance in the cloud.
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NoSQL databases

vCore-based Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Use your MongoDB skills and tools on a fully managed MongoDB-compatible database service.
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NoSQL databases

MongoDB Atlas on Azure

Modernize with a managed service that runs MongoDB Enterprise with full feature support.
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Azure Cache for Redis

Accelerate your app’s data layer with an in-memory data store for increased speed and scale.
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Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL           

Azure Database for PostgreSQL          


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100 TB
64 TB





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Choosing a database

Learn how to select the right database service for your needs.