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    OpenSSH SSH-2 private key (old PEM format) on Azure Linux VM

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    • ssh
    • azure-virtual-machine

    How to provide the SSH access and RDP access for Classic VMs in Azure

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    • azure-virtual-machine
    • azure-virtual-network
    • azure-vm-templates

    Azure Run Script on schedule with fixed IP

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    • azure-virtual-machine


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    Cannot delete a virtual machine

    • linux
    • azure
    • centos7
    • virtual-machines
    • service

    Decreasing OS drive free space on Azure VM running SQL Server 2016

    • sql-server
    • azure
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    • windows-server-2016
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    custom data

    Support updating CustomData in VMSS via portal

    Azure VM limits should be visible on VM Overview page graphs

    In a support case I found one of my VMs was being throttled because it was over disk write limit; the performance (other colors, not red) and limits (in red) should be on the graphs on the overview. This seriously impacts availability when VMs are being throttled and makes for an insidious and hard to understand issue. All performance limits should be visible! Please implement?

    API for Disk Attachments that does not require updating the VM model

    Currently to attach a Data Disk to a Virtual Machine requires submitting this as a part of the Virtual Machine payload (e.g. a appending to the list of data disks). Whilst this works when you want to define the Virtual Machine definition in a single payload, unfortunately this makes it challenging when breaking this apart into multiple payloads to provide a better user experience - which means that we've had to fake this via calling the API sequentially using locks to ensure multiple disk attachments happen sequentially. This functionality already exists for the DevTest Labs Service - which has an endpoint to Attach/Detach Data Disks - in short we're looking for the same thing for regular Virtual Machines. As such would it be possible to introduce an API for managing Data Disk Attachments, similar to the ones provided by AWS and Google? Sources:

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