Azure Remote Rendering

轉譯高品質的互動式 3D 內容,並將它即時串流到您的裝置

使用最高品質的 3D 內容打造互動式體驗

Azure 遠端轉譯可為混合實境裝置 (如 HoloLens 2) 提供最高品質的 3D 內容和互動式體驗。這項服務會在雲端中使用 Azure 的運算能力來轉譯最複雜的模型,並即時將這些模型串流至您的裝置,讓使用者能夠與非常細膩的 3D 內容互動與共同作業。

體驗鉅細靡遺的 3D 內容

在無需刪減的情況下檢視 3D 模型並與其互動


Render hundreds of millions of polygons and stream to mixed-reality devices with low latency

Easily incorporate with your applications

Use the powerful SDK to easily include remotely rendered content


In scenarios where every detail matters—industrial plant management, design review for assets (such as truck engines), preoperative surgery planning, and more—3D visualization brings that detail to life. It’s what helps designers, engineers, doctors, and students better understand complex information and make the right call.

無須折衷的 3D 體驗

Bring incredibly detailed 3D models to the devices you use to work and collaborate without compromising quality. You often need to decimate and simplify high-quality 3D models to run on target hardware such as mobile devices and mixed reality headsets, resulting in the loss of important detail needed in key business and design decisions. Visualize your models in original full detail without simplification or decimation.

Interoperate with your applications

Easily extend your mixed-reality apps with high-quality, remotely rendered 3D content using a powerful SDK.


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透過 10 分鐘的快速入門教學課程及文件,了解如何開始轉譯 3D 內容。


See how customers are leveraging Remote Rendering

Frequently asked questions about Remote Rendering

  • Interact with your architectural, engineering, and design models in mixed reality without any decimation or sacrifice of visual quality.

    With higher-fidelity 3D models:

    • Make smarter, faster decisions
    • Design more efficiently
    • Educate and inspire your key stakeholders
  • Anyone who wants to work with high-resolution 3D content will find value in Remote Rendering.

    3D visualization is increasingly important in scenarios where every detail matters: industrial plant management, design review for complex assets (such as truck engines), preoperative surgery planning, and more.

  • A traditional approach to viewing 3D content on untethered devices entails decimation, or model compression and removal of polygons. The result can be a loss of important detail that’s needed to make key business and design decisions. Remote Rendering renders content in the cloud and streams it to devices in real time so that people can use interactive, high-quality 3D models with every detail intact and no compromise in quality.
  • Remote Rendering currently supports HoloLens 2 and Windows 10 PCs.

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