Load Balancer 價格

基本 Azure Load Balancer 完全免費。不過,基本虛擬機器未提供此優惠。標準 Azure Load Balancer 有相關費用。

標準 Load Balancer

在位於虛擬網路內的虛擬機器間進行負載平衡 (內部負載平衡) 並不會收費。

  • 增加後端執行個體集區大小,以及允許的輸入 NAT (網路位址轉譯) 規則數目
  • Support for cross-zone load balancing and resilient virtual IPs (VIP)
  • 整合式監視與診斷

The pricing for standard Load Balancer will be based on the number of rules configured (load balancer rules and NAT rules) and data processed for inbound originated flows. However, there will be no hourly charge for the standard load balancer itself when no rules are configured.

Load Balancer 規則: (預覽期間免費)
First five rules—每小時 $-

NAT 規則: (預覽期間免費)
前 100 項規則—免費

處理的資料量: (預覽期間免費)
每 GB $-


Every cloud service gets a free public load balanced IP (VIP). If you want to load balance on multiple VIPs, you can get additional VIPs at a nominal charge.

You can assign up to five additional IPs to your Load Balancer.


在位於虛擬網路內的虛擬機器間進行負載平衡 (內部負載平衡) 並不會收費。


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