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Azure Search is search-as-a-service that helps developers build sophisticated search experiences into web and mobile applications. It reduces the friction and complexity of implementing full-text search and differentiates applications by using powerful features that are unique to Azure Search. Developers can integrate search into their applications more easily using Azure Search than they could by running their own search package. They also get access to rich and powerful capabilities that enhance the search experience and tie results to business objectives.


Offered in combinable units that include reliable storage and throughput, Azure Search allows developers to set-up and scale a search experience quickly and cost-effectively. As the volume of data or throughput needs of an application change, Azure Search can scale out to meet these needs, and then scale back down to reduce costs. To get more performance, a customer can combine units to gain more queries per second, or a higher document count, or both. Units can also be combined to enable high availability or faster data ingestion.

High density (HD) mode is an optional setting available for standard S3. High density mode enables customers to pack in a higher number of indices per Azure Search service. This is ideal for customers building multi-tenant SaaS apps that have a large number of small tenants, trials, or free accounts and want to provide a powerful search experience at a low cost per index.

免費 基本 標準 S1 標準 S2 標準 S3
儲存體 50 MB 每項服務 2 GB 每個分割區 25 GB
(每個服務最多 300GB 個文件)
每個分割區 100 GB
(每個服務最多 1.2 TB 個文件)
每個分割區 200 GB
(每個服務最多 2.4 TB 個文件)
每項服務的索引上限 3 5 50 200 200 或 1000 / 分割區 (高密度2模式)
託管文件 10,000 份文件 1 百萬 每個分割區 15 百萬
(每項服務最高 180 百萬份文件)
每個分割區 60 百萬
(每項服務最高 720 百萬份文件)
每個分割區 120 百萬
(每項服務最高 1.4 (單位為十億) 份文件) 或 1m / 索引 (高密度2模式)
向外調整規模限制 N/A 每項服務最多 3 個單位
(最多 1 個磁碟分割;最多 3 個複本)
每項服務最多 36 個單位
(最多 12 個分割區;最多 12 個複本)
每項服務最多 36 個單位
(最多 12 個分割區;最多 12 個複本)
每項服務最多 36 個單位
(最多 12 個分割區;最多 12 個複本)
最高 12 個 (高密度2模式)
資料傳輸 適用標準費率 適用標準費率 適用標準費率 適用標準費率 適用標準費率
每單位價格 免費 $- $- $- $-

1 每秒查詢次數和託管文件會視參考資料集的 350 毫秒目標延遲性層級而定。實際效能可能會因所用的資料集和特定查詢而有所不同。如需詳細資訊,請參閱文件

2 High density (HD) mode is an option available within the standard S3 service that allows a larger number of indexes to be created in a single service. Using HD mode, a service can create up to 1,000 indexes/partition, where an index may be no more than 1 million documents (or 2 GB storage), and the total number of documents and storage across all indexes may not exceed 120 million documents/partition or 200 GB/partition.


支援與 SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability through Azure Support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • We guarantee at least 99.9% availability for index query requests when an Azure Search service instance is configured with two or more replicas, and index update requests when an Azure Search service instance is configured with three or more replicas. No SLA is provided for the free tier. Read the SLA.


  • 使用 Microsoft Azure 搜尋服務時,您的計費方式會根據指定的某個小時內所使用的單位數目,採均一價且可預測的每小時費率計算。

  • 將根據任一小時內佈建的最大搜尋單位數而計費。如果您在一個小時內一開始使用 2 單位,之後擴充至 4 單位,又縮減至 2 單位,將以 4 單位計費。

  • 停止按鈕是用於停止您的服務執行個體的流量。所以,您的服務仍將繼續執行,我們將依每小時費用向你收費。

  • 不論使用量多寡或單位使用時間是否不到一個小時,單位存在的每個小時都會以均一價費率計費。例如,假設您建立了單位並在 5 分鐘後將其刪除,您的帳單將會反映 1 個單位小時的費用。

  • 組合 Azure 搜尋服務單位可提供額外輸送量和儲存體。例如,若要從 15MM 文件擴充到 30MM (額外磁碟分割),客戶可以購買兩個單位。若要提高輸送量 (額外複本),客戶可以購買兩個單位。若要同時提高儲存體和輸送量,客戶可能需要購買四個單位 (2 個複本 x 2 分割區 = 4 搜尋單位)。

  • Free is a free version of Azure Search designed to provide developers a sandbox to test features and implementations of Azure Search. It is not designed for production workloads. Basic and standard are the go-to options for building applications that benefit from a self-managed search-as-a-service solution. Standard delivers storage and predictable throughput that scales with application needs. For very high-demand applications, please contact

  • Azure Search is available in the new Microsoft Azure portal. First, you must sign up for an Azure subscription, then you can add an Azure Search account to your Azure subscription via the gallery in the preview portal. Get more information.


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