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How to calculate and expose a single value for external/remote use

  • php
  • wordpress
  • azure
  • cron
  • content-management-system

Application deployment after the cluster is created in AKS

  • azure
  • deployment
  • kubernetes
  • azure-container-service

Native DLL on Azure Web App

  • c#
  • azure
  • dll
  • azure-web-app-service
  • azure-bot-service

Community-svar på Sys/Net Admin-frågor

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Azure - Connecting to Blob storage from app service through vnet

  • azure
  • azure-networking
  • azure-web-apps
  • azure-storage
  • blob-storage

How to sync azure SDD disk across datacenters?

  • azure
  • high-availability
  • failover
  • synchronization
  • data-recovery

Giving contractor access to servers with sensitive data

  • security
  • sql-server
  • azure
  • user-permissions
  • server-setup
Feedback om Azure

Har du en idé eller ett förslag utifrån din erfarenhet av Azure?

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load balancer

Azure Load Balancer Priortiy rules. We often want to route traffic to one machine (or group of machines) and only if that machine goes down, THEN route to machine B. Could azure not just put a priority number, (1-8) on each rule. Then it will just load balance amount all rules with the same priority.

Roadmap to integrate Azure Policy with VSTS

What is the roadmap of Azure Policy integration with VSTS. Enterprise implementing DevSecOps on Azure Cloud deployment do need such an integration. It'd be good to have dedicated task.

Export functionality for Azure Policy report

I'd suggest to have a functionality of Excel exporting in Azure Policy so security administrator or system administrator can export and report to ISM/CISO level.

Schedule assignment in Azure Policy

Currently Azure policy definition is scanned immediately after an assignment is configured. This would make an unmanaged control for a large deployment of policy in enterprise. It'd be good to have the ability to schedule assignment. Saying I have an assignment but I really want to run it at every single midnight rather than immediate trigger.

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