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    Southland Transportation Group

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    Enable browser restriction in Conditional Access rules

    Currently there is only an option to include or exclude "browser". We need the ability to specify which browsers are allowed or blocked. For example, select Browser, and add sub-options to specify a specific Browser or ever higher or lower version number. Some apps only work properly on Chrome or Firefox. It would be great to specify the exact browser that is permitted, and all others blocked (or permitted).

    Allow upload .bak for a managed sql server database to selected server without the need for uploading the .bak to a blob storage first

    Upload .bak for a managed sql server database to selected server without the need for uploading the .bak to a blob storage first

    Boycott Azure AZ

    Instead of introducting breaking changes and making DevOps guys change there code every few years ... fix your current code. Going from AzureRM to Azure AZ means everyone out there has to update there code (scripts, functions, automation) .... again. Not to mention the silly azurerm major version breaking changes that make no sense ... $subscription.identity to $ to $subscription -name. Who's driving this bus? You tell a .net guy he has to re-write his application every few years .. hes going to shift to Java. We could just as well shift to AWS.

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