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    OpenID Implicit Flow Nonce

    • node.js
    • azure
    • oauth
    • openid
    • google-identity

    How can I link Azure insights/actionGroups to AutomationRunBook

    • azure
    • webhooks
    • azure-resource-manager
    • arm-template
    • azure-automation

    How to set streaming app checkpointing to Azure storage?

    • scala
    • azure
    • apache-spark
    • spark-checkpoint

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    Itemize charges on marketplace invoices

    I can finally access Marketplace invoices (thank you!), but all it says is the company and the amount being charged. It would be incredibly beneficial to have some level of detail indicating how that total fee was reached. For example, my Barracuda charges through Marketplace vary widely from month to month and I have no way to investigate why because the invoice has no detail whatsoever. Thanks!

    Sandbox/playground feature

    It would be very helpful if with my Azure subscription, we had a sandbox or playground so that we could deploy, test, break, monitor and study new policies or features. We are moving from o365 aad to o365 aad p2 and it would be helpful for me and my CTO to see everything in a test setting rather than our live deployment.

    B Series Burstable Unlimited Mode

    The B Series family should offer an "Unlimited" mode for bursting. So when a workload runs out of credits to burst, if the mode is set to unlimited, the vm will be billed at higher rate instead of just dropping down the allowed average. (Like the AWS featuer for T3)

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