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Azure Expressroute for O365 and IaaS

  • azure
  • office365
  • azure-virtual-network
  • iaas

Azure web app very slow after publish or restart

  • azure
  • model-view-controller
  • asp.net-mvc-5
  • azure-web-app-service
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Azure Standard Load Balancer

Since Azure VM deployed in Availability Zones requires Public IP with Standard SKU so that it can be added in Backend Pool, I have repro this issue by deploying multiple VMs multiple time and found that while you deploy multiple VMs in an Availability Zones, the SKU for Public IP shows as Standard and it doesn't have any option to change since it is locked I have seen that after the VM is created, I see that the SKU for the Public IP created with the VM is Basic. I would like to check with Microsoft is how it is possible to create a Basic SKU Public IP for Availability Zone VM when it is locked at Standard while creating.

Correct Meter Category in EA bill so that Standard LRS/GRS storage both show “Storage”

Correct Meter Category in EA bill so that Standard LRS/GRS storage both show “Storage” rather than one showing "Storage" and the other showing "Windows Azure Storage".

Add the "created by" and "created on" metadata to Azure objects

It would be helpful for each object in Azure to have the account that created the object and the date/time of the creation imbedded in the metadata for the object. This would avoid the current method of having to get that information from the Activity Log and store it somewhere else that is more permanent.

Blob Stoarge in South France

Please enable Blob Storage in South France region

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