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Azure Route Server

A service that enables your network appliances to exchange route information with Azure virtual networks dynamically.

Simplify operations management of your network appliances

Azure Route Server enables network appliances to exchange route information with Azure virtual networks dynamically. Configure your network appliances and Azure ExpressRoute and VPN gateways to automatically take the latest route information from Azure Route Server instead of manually talking to each network.

Route injection from a network virtual appliance to a virtual network

Support for active-active or active-passive deployment of network virtual appliances

Interoperability with Azure ExpressRoute and Azure VPN Gateway for routing

Direct data forwarding between network appliances and application virtual machines for optimized performance

Simplify network appliance operations

Use Azure Route Server to enable dynamic routing between your network appliances and gateways in Azure, instead of using static routing. Azure Route Server provides Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) endpoints using standard routing protocol to exchange routes.

Use with your existing setup

Easily use Azure Route Server with existing deployments or new deployments with support for any network topology, such as hub and spoke, full mesh, or flat virtual network.

Use with any network appliance

Use Azure Route Server with any network virtual appliances hosted on Azure, such as firewalls, SD-WAN gateways, or load balancers.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

  • Microsoft investerar över USD 1 miljard varje år på forskning och utveckling av cybersäkerhet.

  • Vi sysselsätter fler än 3,500 säkerhetsexperter som arbetar helt och hållet med din datasäkerhet och sekretess.

  • Azure har fler certifieringar än någon annan molnleverantör. Visa den fullständiga listan.

Learn more about Azure Route Server pricing

  • No upfront cost
  • No termination fees
  • Pay only for what you use

Azure Route Server resources and documentation

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Route Server

  • Azure Route Server works with any network appliance that supports multihop BGP.
  • No. Azure Route Server only exchanges BGP routes with your network appliances. The data traffic goes directly from the network appliances to the VM and vice versa.

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