Azure 机器学习

通过试验和模型管理,使用端到端、可缩放的受信平台,让所有人都能够获得 AI 体验


Empower data scientists and developers with a wide range of productive experiences to build, train, and deploy machine learning models and foster team collaboration. Accelerate time to market with industry-leading MLOps—machine learning operations, or DevOps for machine learning. Innovate on a secure, trusted platform, designed for responsible machine learning.


Productivity for all skill levels, with Jupyter Notebooks, drag-and-drop designer, and automated machine learning

端到端 MLOps

Robust MLOps capabilities that enable creation and deployments of models at scale using automated and reproducible machine learning workflows


Rich set of built-in responsible capabilities to understand, protect, and control data, models, and processes


Best-in-class support for open-source frameworks and languages including MLflow, Kubeflow, ONNX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Python, and R

Boost productivity with machine learning for all skill levels

使用满足各种技能水平需求的工具,快速构建并部署机器学习模型。结合使用内置的 Jupyter 笔记本与 Intellisense 或拖放式设计器。使用自动化机器学习加速模型创建,并访问强大的特征工程、算法选择和超参数清除功能。通过共享的数据集、笔记本、模型和可自定义的仪表板(可跟踪机器学习过程的各个方面)提高团队效率。

使用 MLOps 执行大规模操作

Take advantage of MLOps to streamline the machine learning lifecycle, from building models to deployment and management. Create reproducible workflows with machine learning pipelines, and train, validate, and deploy thousands of models at scale, from the cloud to the edge. Use managed online and batch endpoints to seamlessly deploy and score models without managing the underlying infrastructure. Use Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions to schedule, manage, and automate the machine learning pipelines, and use advanced data-drift analysis to improve model performance over time.


Access state-of-the-art responsible machine learning capabilities to understand, control, and help protect your data, models, and processes. Explain model behavior during training and inferencing, and build for fairness by detecting and mitigating model bias. Preserve data privacy throughout the machine learning lifecycle with differential privacy techniques and use confidential computing to secure machine learning assets. Automatically maintain audit trails, track lineage, and use model datasheets to enable accountability.


Get built-in support for open-source tools and frameworks for machine learning model training and inferencing. Use familiar frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, or scikit-learn, or the open and interoperable ONNX format. Choose the development tools that best meet your needs, including popular IDEs, Visual Studio Code, Jupyter Notebooks, and CLIs, or languages such as Python and R. Use ONNX Runtime to optimize and accelerate inferencing across cloud and edge devices. Track all aspects of your training experiments using MLflow.

通过 Azure 培养机器学习技能

了解有关 Azure 上的机器学习的详细信息,并参与本次为期 30 天的学习旅程的实践教程。在本次学习旅程结束时,你就为参加 Azure 数据科学家助理认证做好了准备。


  • 在混合基础结构中,借助 Azure Arc 互操作性在本地、多云环境和边缘的 Kubernetes 群集上训练模型。
  • 访问安全功能,例如基于角色的访问、自定义机器学习角色、虚拟网络和专用链接。使用策略、审核线索、配额和成本管理来管理治理。
  • 通过 60 项认证(包括 FedRAMP High 和 DISA IL5)的综合产品组合,优化合规性。



Maximize productivity with IntelliSense, easy compute and kernel switching, and offline notebook editing. Launch your notebook in Visual Studio Code for a rich development experience, including secure debugging and support for Git source control.








Use the central registry to store and track data, models, and metadata. Automatically capture lineage and governance data. Use Git to track work and GitHub Actions to implement workflows. Manage and monitor runs, or compare multiple runs for training and experimentation. Use managed endpoints to operationalize model deployment and scoring, log metrics, and perform safe model rollouts.


使用托管计算来分发训练并快速测试、验证和部署模型。在工作区内共享 CPU 和 GPU 群集并自动缩放,以满足机器学习需求。

与其他 Azure 服务深度集成

借助与 Microsoft Power BI 和 Azure 服务(例如 Azure Synapse Analytics、Azure 认知搜索、Azure 数据工厂、Azure Data Lake、Azure Arc 和 Azure Databricks)的内置集成来提高工作效率。


Run machine learning on existing Kubernetes clusters on-premises, in multicloud environments, and at the edge with Azure Arc. Use the one-click machine learning agent to start training models more securely, wherever your data lives.




Get model transparency at training and inferencing with interpretability capabilities. Assess model fairness through disparity metrics and mitigate unfairness. Help protect data with differential privacy and confidential machine learning pipelines.




使用工作区和资源级别配额限制,更好地管理 Azure 机器学习计算实例的资源分配。


查看 Azure 机器学习定价

掌握 Azure 机器学习

掌握使用 TensorFlow、Spark 和 Kubernetes 在 Azure 中生成高度可缩放的自动化端到端机器学习模型和管道的专家技术。



Forrester Wave 2020 年度领导者

Forrester 在“The Forrester Wave™:基于笔记本的预测分析和机器学习,2020 年第 3 季度”中将 Microsoft Azure 机器学习评为“领导者”。

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客户使用 Azure 机器学习

"The model we deployed on Azure Machine Learning helped us choose three new retail locations. Those stores exceeded their revenue plans by over 200 percent [that] December, the height of our season, and within months of opening were among the best-performing stores in their districts."

Jolie Vitale,Carhartt 公司的 BI 和分析主管

"MLOps is at the core of our product. Because of its reproducible ML pipelines, ... registered models, and automatic model scoring, we're definitely detecting things that we missed before. Which, in terms of risk management, is really, really important."

Ignasi Paredes-Oliva,雀巢全球安全运营中心首席数据科学家
Nestle Italia

"Azure Machine Learning allows us to manage the entire lifecycle, from experimentation and development to production and enhancements."

Joey Chua,AGL 机器学习工程高级经理

"With model interpretability in Azure Machine Learning, we have a high degree of confidence that our machine learning model is generating meaningful and fair results."

Scandinavian Airlines 数据分析与人工智能负责人 Daniel Engberg
Scandinavian Airlines

"We've used the MLOps capabilities in Azure Machine Learning to simplify the whole machine learning process. That allows us to focus more on data science and let Azure Machine Learning take care of end-to-end operationalization."

Michael Cleavinger, Senior Director of Shopper Insights Data Science and Advanced Analytics, PepsiCo

"We see Azure Machine Learning and our partnership with Microsoft as critical to driving increased adoption and acceptance of AI from the regulators."

Alex Mohelsky,EY Canada 合作伙伴兼顾问、数据分析与 AI 负责人

Azure 机器学习更新、博客和公告

有关 Azure 机器学习的常见问题

  • 该服务已在一些国家/地区正式发布,即将在其他国家/地区正式发布。
  • Azure 机器学习的服务级别协议 (SLA) 为 99.9% 运行时间。
  • Azure 机器学习工作室是机器学习的首要资源。此功能为数据科学家和开发人员提供了一个集中的场所,他们可使用其中的所有项目来构建、训练和部署机器学习模型。

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