Azure 存档存储


  • 最低价格的存储层
  • 自动加密静态数据
  • 与热存储层和冷存储层无缝集成
  • 由领先的数据管理合作伙伴支持


数据呈指数式增长并不意味着数据存储和管理的成本也呈指数式增长。Azure 存档存储是一种低成本、持久、高度可用且安全的云存储方法,用于存储极少访问且延迟需求灵活的数据。一个月只需几美元即可将数 TB 的数据存储在云中,并且可以重新调整存储基础设施以用于其他关键的业务目标。


不常访问的数据并不意味着这些数据不重要。许多行业要求组织维护多年的一些敏感的财务、医疗或员工数据。在将该类数据移动到云时,需要让数据受到最高安全级别的保护。存档存储使用 HTTPS 将数据安全地传输到云,并使用 256 位 AES 密钥自动保护这类静态数据。

更轻松的管理和 blob 级别分层

Azure 存档存储是可用于 Blob 存储的另一种存储层。热对象、冷对象和存档对象全都可以并排存在于同一帐户中。此外,由于引入了 blob 级别分层,因此只需在 Azure 门户中单击一次即可更改对象的层,也可以使用 REST API(或 .NET、Java、Python 和许多其他 SDK)以编程方式按需更改多个对象。

Archive Storage Use Cases

Long Term Backup Retention

Many organizations retain multi-year, PB sized collections of Server and Desktop data backups and store them on expensive storage arrays. Azure Archive Storage provides a secure, low-cost means for retaining those backups and freeing up storage capacity for other productive uses.

Business Policy Mandated Data Archiving

Companies can generate PB’s of data in the course of day to day operations and to meet legal compliance requirements. Company policies often dictate that this data (sensitive HR records, email, financial/tax records) is retained in perpetuity. Archive Storage can work with Smart Archiving offerings from ISV’s to create a low cost, content archiving solution

Healthcare Data Archiving

Healthcare providers are increasingly required to retain patient medical record data for multi-year periods. Storage requirements for patient data can quickly escalate when the records include high resolution images and ultrasound content. Azure Archive storage enables Healthcare providers to lower their storage costs while providing secure, globally compliant storage for sensitive medical data.

Magnetic Tape Replacement

Maintaining tape storage infrastructure is expensive and often requires specialized equipment and expertise. Archive Storage is a cost-effective, low maintenance replacement alternative for tape storage.

Digital Media Content Retention

Creators can generate PB’s worth of video and picture content that is used in the development of original digital media. Archive Storage gives creators a low-cost storage repository for original source content. Blob-level tiering makes it easy to shift from cold to hot storage should the need arise to use that content for another project.

Security/Public Safety data retention

As the number and sophistication of threats to personal and business safety continue to increase, so does the demand for video surveillance. Public and now private sector companies generate TB’s of surveillance footage daily in the course of protecting their citizens and assets. Archive Storage is a low cost option for storing that data.


我们使数据管理供应商能够更轻松地利用存档层。请查看具有 Azure 存档层内置支持的合作伙伴解决方案。

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