Internet of Things solutions

Create the Internet of Your Things by connecting your devices, assets, and sensors to collect untapped data. Improve performance and reduce costs with remote monitoring. Predict equipment failures before they happen with predictive maintenance.

“We wanted to go beyond the industry standard of preventive maintenance, to offer predictive and even preemptive maintenance, so we can guarantee a higher uptime percentage on our elevators.”

Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO, thyssenkrupp Elevator

Connect your devices worldwide for remote monitoring

Collect untapped data and create predictive models when you connect your devices, assets, and sensors to the cloud—from a few sensors to millions of devices. By accessing global production and supply chain data, you’ll reduce costly downtime and maintenance to increase productivity.

“What we're talking about is delivering a degree of collaboration and visibility unheard of in the oil and gas industry. With sensors, software and the cloud, these disparate assets can become part of a connected enterprise, powered at its core by a rich flow of data.”

Doug Weber, Business Manager

Increase asset reliability with predictive maintenance

Focus on what matters most to your customers: reliability. Vastly improve operations and asset availability with predictive, and even preemptive, maintenance by gathering and transforming data from sensors and systems.

“I call it the ‘virtual troubleshooter’. When the elevator reports that it has a problem, it sends out an error code and the three or four most probable causes of that error code. In effect, our field technician is being coached by this expert citizen.”

Rory Smith, Director of Strategic Development for the Americas

Build Internet of Things solutions with confidence

Enhance security across physical devices, connections, and data. Use per-device authentication by setting up individual identities and credentials for each of your connected devices, and retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages.

Schneider Electric
”As Schneider Electric helps our customers solve their operational challenges through mission-critical, IoT-enabled solutions, it is imperative that customers can trust the integrity and security of their mission-critical systems won’t be compromised. By building our IoT platform on Azure IoT Suite, we are able to leverage its industry-leading security, privacy, and compliance capabilities necessary to instill confidence in our customers that their enterprise systems are secure end-to-end.”

Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President of IoT and Digital Transformation

Predict equipment failures before they happen

Head off potential problems, while promoting equipment efficiency, with predictive maintenance. Collect and analyze data from your connected assets to proactively plan maintenance, decrease downtime, and improve retention of the asset value.

“Our TotalCare maintenance program was revolutionary in the ‘90s, so we’re pioneers ourselves, and by collaborating with a fellow pioneer like Microsoft, we can absolutely bring innovative digital solutions to airlines now.”

Alex Dulewicz, Head of Marketing for Services

Bring the Internet of Things to life with Azure IoT Starter Kits

Start innovating today with Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits that include development boards that are Azure Certified for IoT, sensors, and actuators. Use the easy-to-follow tutorials and seamlessly connect your devices to the cloud.


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