Microsoft Azure 上的 VMware Horizon Cloud

A VMware service that simplifies the delivery of virtual desktops and applications on Azure by extending Azure Virtual Desktop

VMware 提供的桌面和应用虚拟化服务

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is a desktop virtualization service available in Azure Marketplace. Simplify your delivery of on-premises and cloud virtual desktops and applications by connecting your instance of Azure to VMware. Deliver the same great Windows 10 experience and security that Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) is known for, while gaining the advanced scaling and optimization across environments VMware provides.

单个解决方案中的云和本地 VMware Horizon 环境管理


Horizon Cloud 全球服务代理可以优化用户体验


通过 Azure 对 VDI 基础结构进行现代化改造

通过适用于虚拟桌面基础结构 (VDI) 的现代数据中心提供更安全的远程工作解决方案。无论基础结构是在本地还是在云中,都可使用 Azure 和 VMware Horizon 交付虚拟桌面和应用。使用简化的管理体验来实现满足用户需求的混合部署。使用 VMware 的全球代理技术优化 Horizon 用户体验。


Reduce management and infrastructure costs with a centralized admin user interface and tooling, and pay only for what you use. Choose what’s right for your organization with VMware’s single flexible licensing model, which supports on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Benefit from the scale and cost savings of Azure Virtual Desktop with Windows 10 multi-session, available only through Azure.


Provide your IT team and end users with familiar experiences. Manage your Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop deployment in your VMware Horizon Cloud console with customizations and tooling. Extend a streamlined digital workspace to all apps and use cases, with a full-featured client and advanced remote protocols on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and all thin clients.

为什么信任 Azure?

  • 使用内置安全性将公司的数据存储在云中,而不是本地桌面。
  • 利用 Azure 安全中心提高从终结点到应用程序的安全性。
  • 通过启用基于角色的访问控制 (RBAC) 保护 Azure 基础结构。

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  • Yes. Azure Virtual Desktop session host virtual machines (VMs), including VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure deployments, are charged at Linux compute rates for Windows 10 single, Windows 10 multi-session, and Windows Server. See Azure Virtual Desktop pricing for information on licensing, and explore Azure Virtual Desktop documentation to learn how to apply your license to a deployment.
  • Yes, you can use Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session for Azure-based virtual machines deployed using VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure with an applicable license. See Azure Virtual Desktop pricing for information on licensing.
  • See VMware Horizon Cloud pricing to learn more.

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