Azure Migrate

A central hub to discover, assess, and migrate workloads to Azure

Simplify your migration journey

Discover, assess, and migrate on-premises applications, infrastructure, and data. Centrally plan and track the migration across multiple Microsoft and independent software vendor (ISV) tools.

Support for key migration scenarios across Servers, Data, Databases, Web Applications, and Virtual Desktops

Seamless and integrated experience throughout discovery, assessment, and migration

Diverse migration features powered by free Azure tools and enhanced by integrated ISV partners

Centralized migration repository delivering end-to-end visibility and tracking

Comprehensive Support

A comprehensive approach to migrating your application and datacenter estate. Supports key migration workloads like Windows Server, Linux, SQL and other Databases, data with Data Box, Web Applications, and Workstations (including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Holistic across VMware, Hyper-V, physical server, and cloud-to-cloud migration.

End-to-end visibility

A guided experience and progress dashboard walks through discovery, assessment, and migration phases for different business areas in one central data repository. Make the best migration decisions with built-in insights and recommendations.

Extensibility with Diverse Tooling

Take advantage of free Azure tools with features like discovery and readiness, cost estimation, app dependency visualization, and both agent-based and agentless assessment and migration, or choose from a collection of integrated ISV partner tools for additional capabilities.

为何信任 Azure 来保障安全?

  • Microsoft 每年在网络安全研发方面的投资超过  10 亿美元
  • 我们雇佣了3,500 多名安全专家,专门负责数据安全和隐私方面的工作。
  • Azure 拥有的符合性认证超过任何其他云提供商。查看综合列表

Azure Migrate 定价

Azure Migrate and Azure tooling is available free of charge. However, you may incur charges if you choose to use ISV tools for additional capabilities.


通过注册 Azure 免费帐户获得即时访问权限和 $200 额度。
了解如何借助文档最佳做法使用 Azure Migrate 并优化迁移。

有关 Azure Migrate 的常见问题解答

  • See product availability per region to use our region search tool.
  • For information about licensing for a specific ISV tool, visit the ISV’s website or go to Azure Migrate pricing for pricing information.
  • Yes, Azure Migrate now features support for physical server assessment and migration.
  • 请查看受支持的数据库列表。
  • Azure Migrate is a free service, therefore it does not have a financially backed SLA. See SLA for Azure Migrate for more information.

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