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Usługa Application Insights w programie Visual Studio

Wykrywanie, klasyfikowanie i diagnozowanie problemów z usługami i aplikacjami sieci Web

Application performance management

Get rich performance monitoring, powerful alerting, and easy-to-consume dashboards to help ensure your applications are available and performing as you expect. Quickly identify if you have a problem, how many users are impacted, and perform a root cause analysis to find and fix the issue.

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Interactive data analytics

Get answers to your tough questions, and take your applications to the next level. Detect trends in application performance and behavior, identify usage patterns, and get fast answers to probing questions about your website performance. Interactive queries and full-text search make finding the information you need quick and easy.

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Machine learning

Get the most out of your application performance management solution using the power of machine learning to continually analyze application telemetry. Detect anomalies, failure counts, performance changes, and Azure Cloud Services behaviors. Receive notifications and alerts with rich diagnostic information so you can respond to issues at the speed your customers demand.

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Azure Diagnostics

Proactively detect and diagnose role lifecycle issues—recycle, hung, not started—that might affect your applications or cloud services. Plus, efficiently track virtual machine performance alongside application performance data in the same view.

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DevOps integration

Diagnose problems from within your development environment, and incorporate monitoring in your DevOps processes. Search events from within the Visual Studio IDE, uncover production problems, set alerts, and go directly to the offending line of code. View annotations to understand if a deployment or infrastructure change correlates with issues. Integrate detected bugs and work items with Visual Studio Team Services or GitHub. Plus, increase your visibility over applications with the Application Insights Connector for Log Analytics, and bring your operation and application data together in one place.

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Get started quickly

Application Insights is included with Visual Studio. You get automatic instrumentation for ASP.NET developers and vital application telemetry data right out of the box—including usage, exceptions, requests, performance, and logs.

Monitor web apps—whether written in Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, .NET, or other languages—using open source SDKs. Install the Status Monitor on your existing Azure App Services and virtual machines through the Azure portal to get performance monitoring without updating and redeploying your application.

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Visual Studio Team Services

Usługi dla zespołów do udostępniania kodu, śledzenia pracy i dostarczania oprogramowania


Wdrażanie aplikacji mobilnych, gromadzenie opinii i raportów o awarii oraz monitorowanie użycia

Log Analytics

Gromadzenie, wyszukiwanie i wizualizowanie danych maszyn lokalnych i w chmurze

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