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Public Preview: New Marketplace app for Storage customers and feature enhancements to portal for Azure confidential ledger

Published date: November 15, 2023

Azure storage customers will now be able to use an Azure confidential ledger Marketplace application to further protect their blob data. Data signatures from blob can be harvested and stored in a confidential ledger for tamper protection. At a later point in time and to demonstrate tamper proofness for compliance and auditing purposes, signatures can be recalculated and validated against the signature in Azure confidential ledger.  

Next, the Azure confidential ledger Portal experience has been improved with a new Ledger Explorer feature that allows observing transactions and validating the cryptographic proofs of ledger transactions. The multi-admin delete upcoming feature will allow deleting ledgers only with approval from multiple administrators, compared to a single administrator requested delete today. 

To learn more, read the blog announcement

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