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Public preview: Introducing NGads V620-series VMs optimized for cloud gaming

Published date: June 01, 2023

NGads V620-series virtual machines (VMs), powered by AMD RadeonTM PRO V620 GPUs and AMD EPYCTM 7763 CPUs, are purpose-built for generating and streaming high quality graphics for an interactive gaming experience hosted on Azure.  Featuring GPU partitioning with options for ¼, ½, or 1 full GPU, they allow customers to right-size their choice for the performance and cost of the business need. These VMs also feature the AMD Adrenaline Gaming Driver Cloud Edition that targets the same optimizations available in the consumer gaming version of the Adrenaline driver but is further optimized for the cloud environment.

In addition, the NGads V620-series VMs also support graphics-accelerated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and visualization rendering, using the AMD Pro Workstation Driver, Cloud Edition.  As with the gaming driver, the cloud edition targets the same optimization as in the Workstation Pro driver but is further tested and optimized for the Azure cloud environment.

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