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Integration service environments (ISE) are now generally available

Published date: May 29, 2019

An integration service environment is a fully isolated and dedicated environment for all enterprise-scale integration needs. When you create a new integration service environment, it’s injected into your Azure Virtual Network allowing you to deploy Logic Apps as a service in your VNET.

With the general availability of the integration service environments, we’ve made several improvements from preview giving your Logic Apps more power when running in an ISE.

Since an ISE provides a private execution environment for executing your Logic Apps where you can take advantage of more deployed resources, many of the limits have also been increased.

Faster deployments

  • Get from deployment to starting development even faster with more than a 50 percent improvement compared to the preview.

Increased the scale out limit to 10 additional scale units

  • Support more than 3 times higher throughput capacity on a single ISE deployment from what was available during preview, allowing you to execute more than a half billion action executions per month.

Higher throughput limits for Logic Apps and connectors hosted in the ISE

  • Allowing for more capacity from the base unit before needing to scale up.

Extended Logic Apps lifetime and run history retention to 365 days

  • Logic Apps can now run up to a year when executing from within an ISE, 4 times longer than they can run in the multi-tenant service.

Larger message handling with 200 MB for content access and 5 GB for chunked requests

  • Doubling the message handling size of what could be handled outside of an ISE, allowing you to interrogate and manipulate larger messages.

Increased request/response timeouts up to four minutes

  • Doubling the request/response time allows Logic Apps to take more time to respond to HTTP requests, as well as handle longer response times from external systems, improving the execution reliability of your Logic Apps.

Added SMTP and DB2 as ISE connectors

  • The SMTP ISE-based connector now allows you to connect to on-premises mail systems as well as enabling more connectivity to your IBM systems with the DB2 ISE connector. This extends the on-premises connectivity scenarios that are only available when executing Logic Apps in an ISE, which also includes connectivity to IBM 3270, FTP, and SFTP servers.

Network health blade and the ability to restart the ISE to accept network changes

  • Network configuration can change at any time, and with the network health blade you can now check to see if your ISE is still properly connected. If changes are made that you want picked up by the components within the ISE, a restart operation that we added will accept the new network changes into the ISE without any downtime.

Integration service environments are available everywhere Logic Apps are available except for the following regions:

  • Canada East
  • Brazil South
  • West Central US
  • US Gov Cloud
  • China Cloud

For access to these environments, please reach out to the product team.

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