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General availability: Listener TLS certificates management in the Azure portal

Published date: March 19, 2024

Azure Application Gateway is a Layer-7 proxy load balancer (now also supports Layer-4 proxy with TCP & TLS protocols) that enables scalable, highly available, and secure application delivery. One of its salient features is securing client traffic through Transport Layer Security (TLS) termination, which requires TLS server certificates for listeners. Large gateways with multiple HTTPS or TLS listeners could have various such .PFX certificates to manage.

Azure Application Gateway added support for TLS certificate management in the Azure portal to make the frontend certificate management convenient. This portal section lets you easily list and manage all the listeners' certificates. In addition to these core management capabilities added during the public preview, the portal experience now includes certificate information like Expiry, Common Name, Thumbprint, and Issuer Name that helps quickly identify certificates during the various operational activities.

Read the documentation to learn more.

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