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Azure Virtual WAN: Multiple capabilities and new partners now generally available

Published date: July 06, 2020

With built-in ease of use, scale and monitoring of hub and spoke architectures, Azure Virtual WAN brings many functionalities together to provide a single operational interface across networking and security. 

Several key Azure Virtual WAN capabilities are now generally available:

Hub to Hub connectivity providing fully meshed virtual hubs.

Custom Routing adding advanced routing enhancements: custom route tables and optimization of virtual network routing.

Virtual Network Transit with 50 Gbps transit speeds between Virtual Networks (Vnets) connected with Virtual WAN.

VPN and ExpressRoute Transit for seamless interconnectivity between VPN/SD-WAN and ExpressRoute connected sites and users.

New VPN Capabilities supporting custom BGP IP (also known as APIPA or Automatic Private IP Addressing) for VPN Site connections.

New Virtual WAN PartnersVMware SD-WAN by Velocloud and Cisco Meraki now supporting automation of IPsec connectivity between their branch VPN/SD-WAN devices and Azure Virtual WAN VPN service.

Read Azure Virtual WAN documentation to learn more.

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