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Azure Sphere SDK version 21.07 Update 1 is now available

Published date: July 28, 2021

Azure Sphere SDK version 21.07 Update 1 is now published and available for download. The previous 21.07 SDK released earlier this month incorrectly removed some deprecated parameters from the Azure Sphere CLI. The 21.07 Update 1 SDK reinstates these deprecated parameters to the CLI for backward compatibility purposes. For more information, see Important changes (deprecations) in Azure Sphere CLI.

If you had installed the previous release of the 21.07 SDK, you can re-install to get the updated version. To install the latest SDK, see the installation Quickstart for Windows or Linux:

For more information on Azure Sphere OS feeds and setting up an evaluation device group, see Azure Sphere OS feeds and Set up devices for OS evaluation.

For self-help technical inquiries, please visit Microsoft Q&A or Stack Overflow. If you require technical support and have a support plan, please submit a support ticket in Microsoft Azure Support or work with your Microsoft Technical Account Manager. If you would like to purchase a support plan, please explore the Azure support plans.

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