Vidyatech Solutions Private Limited

Vidyatech Solutions Private Limited

Profilen Vidyatech Solutions Private Limited er ikke tilgjengelig på Norsk. Informasjonen er tilgjengelig på English (India).


Vidyatech has used a variety of Azure services such as Virtual Machines, Web Roles, Data Management, Data Storage, and Data Services in our products and custom solutions we develop for our customers. Azure's support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, and Virtual Machines provides Vidyatech the flexibility required to build the wide range of computing solutions we have developed and deployed for our customers. Virtual Machines were particularly useful when Vidyatech had to create a cloud based Cyber Security lab for educational institutions that otherwise would not be able to provide hands-on experience to Cyber Security trainees. Vidyatech has successfully migrated many customers from Web applications to cloud apps on Azure.

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