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Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra

Modernize Cassandra data clusters with a managed instance in the cloud

Managed, flexible, and scalable cloud Cassandra

Cost-effectively run mission-critical workloads at scale with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra. Easily manage changing demands with multiple resource and data replication options. Ensure business continuity with zero downtime scalability for hybrid and cloud deployments. Develop applications faster using familiar and fully compatible Cassandra tools and languages.

Managed and secure service for your Cassandra workloads

Free yourself from infrastructure management without compromising security. Run your workloads on a managed, secure service to streamline operations with automated repairs, patches, and updates. Make your database more durable and resilient with automatic backups and disaster recovery.

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Flexibility to meet the needs of any enterprise

Retain the flexibility and control of your hardware configuration with turnkey scaling services and hybrid deployment options. An instance-based pricing model enables you to define the number of CPU cores, virtual machines SKU, and memory/disk space needs.

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Optimal integration with Cassandra tools

Use your existing skills and familiar Cassandra tools, drivers, and SDKs to keep your workloads running smoothly. Harness new levels of innovation with fully compatible Cassandra on cloud.

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Why trust Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra?

Pricing for the managed, always up-to-date Cassandra instance in the cloud

Enjoy easy, instance-based pricing for compute and storage with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra.

Documentation, training, and migration resources

Quickstart resources

Get started with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra with step-by-step guides for creating your first cluster.

Other technical resources

See all documentation for more concepts and FAQ.

Get Started with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra

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