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Azure Modular Datacenter

A complete, rugged datacenter solution

Azure where you need it

Deploy a complete datacenter solution where you need it with a field transportable unit. Tackle projects where you never would have been able to before, securely running your mission-critical applications in areas with little-to-no connectivity and providing near-immediate value with timely deployment.

Get up and running on the ground when time is of the essence

Augment onsite compute and storage capabilities, manage and operate high-performance applications in the field

Stand up cloud applications to support critical infrastructure recovery

Run the unit with full network connectivity, occasionally connected or fully disconnected

Built for the Journey

Enable Azure compute and storage in a standalone datacenter environment where you need it.

Reliability and Security

Run your mission-critical applications with an Azure datacenter you can count on, enabling the security you need.

High Utility and Power

Mobilise Azure cloud capability in disconnected or occasionally connected environments, managing and operating high performance application, analytics Internet of Things (IoT) and edge devices on location.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in the largest compliance portfolio in the industry

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Modular Datacenter

  • Microsoft is partnering with satellite operators to provide an option for secure and reliable connectivity to field deployed MDC units.

    This connectivity is achieved through a network high availability module which continuously evaluates network performance. In the event of a network disruption, the network high availability module will move traffic from the impacted network to a backup satellite connection. This resiliency ensures continued delivery of essential hyperscale services through Azure. Alternatively, MDC can use satellite communications as the primary connection where no other network is available.

  • Microsoft is offering MDC units to US Government agencies in the 48 contiguous United States.
  • MDC units leverage state of the art security, including RF shielding, to ensure workloads of any classification can be ran securely without breach.
    • Azure Stack Hub foundational services (compute, storage, networking) are included in the base fee.
    • Additional Azure services such as App Services are charged separately on a consumption basis if connected or on a per-core basis if disconnected. The model for these services aligns with the standard Azure Stack Hub offering.

    Cleared and OCONUS support packages are available at additional cost.

  • For more information contact your Microsoft account representative.

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