Application Gateway pricing

Build highly scalable websites with HTTP load balancing and delivery control

Azure Application Gateway enables you to build highly scalable and available web sites by providing HTTP load balancing and delivery control. Web Application Firewall (WAF) Application Gateway provides you with all the benefits of a Basic Application Gateway, as well as protection against malicious web requests.

Pricing details

Application Gateways

We charge for the Application Gateways based on the amount of time that the gateway is provisioned and available and also the amount of data processed by the Application Gateways.

Application Gateway Type Basic Application Gateway WAF Application Gateway
Small $- per gateway-hour (~$-/month) Not available
Medium $- per gateway-hour (~$-/month) $- per gateway-hour (~$-/month)
Large $- per gateway-hour (~$-/month) $- per gateway-hour (~$-/month)

* Monthly price estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
** When using multiple instances, you are being charged per instance.

For technical specifications and limitations regarding the different Application Gateways, please refer to the Application Gateways MSDN page.

Data Processing

Data Processing charge is based on the amount of data processed by the Application Gateways.

Data Processing Small Medium Large
First 10 TB / Month $- per GB Free Free
Next 30 TB
(10 - 40 TB) /Month
$- per GB $- per GB Free
Over 40 TB / Month $- per GB $- per GB $- per GB

Inbound Data Transfers

(i.e. data going into Azure data centers): Free

Outbound Data Transfers

(i.e., data going out of Azure data centers from Application Gateways): Data transferred out of Azure data centers from the Application Gateways will be charged at standard Data Transfer rates.

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to General Availability, including Application Gateway, through Azure Support, starting at $29.0/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided for free.
  • We guarantee that each Application Gateway Service having two or more medium or larger instances will be available at least 99.95% of the time. We do not provide an SLA for Application Gateway Services with only one instance or with small instances. To learn more about our SLA, please visit the SLA page.


  • Yes. A partial hour is billed as a full hour.

  • No. The small Application Gateway size is offered primarily for DEV/TEST purposes. Running production workload on small Application Gateways may overload the processing capacity of the small instances. Application Gateway supports deployment with one or more instances within the same cloud service. Running an Application Gateway Cloud Service with only one instance is not recommended due to the lack of high availability.



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