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Container Registry pricing

Store and manage container images across all types of Azure deployments

Azure Container Registry provides storage of private Docker container images, enabling fast, scalable retrieval, and network-close deployment of container workloads on Azure. Additional capabilities include geo-replication, image signing with Docker Content Trust, Helm Chart Repositories and Task base compute for building, testing, patching container workloads.

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Basic Standard Premium
Price per day $- $- $-
Included storage (GB) 10 100 500
Premium offers enhanced throughput for docker pulls across multiple, concurrent nodes
Total web hooks 2 10 500
Geo Replication Not Supported Not Supported Supported
$- per replicated region

Standard networking charges apply.

For more information: Registry Tier Features

Additional storage

Additional storage is available at a daily rate for all service tiers. You are not prevented from storing more than the included storage limits for each tier, but you are charged a daily rate for image storage beyond the specified limits.

Tier Price Per GB
Basic, Standard, Premium $-/day

Container Build

Tier Price Per Cpu
Basic, Standard, Premium $-/second of task running
Dedicated agent pool $-/second of instance allocation

Dedicated agent pool billing (preview)

Dedicated agent pools are billed by the number of CPUs allocated/second instead of the duration it took to run a task. Agent pools can be scaled down to zero when not in use.

The current preview provides 3 standard tiers, S1 (2 vCPU, 3 GB RAM), S2 (4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM) and S3 (8 vCPU, 16 GB RAM) and 1 isolated tier, I6(64 vCPUs, 216 GB RAM).

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Frequently asked questions

  • Basic, Standard and Premium tiers include an amount of storage as part of their pricing. As storage exceeds the included amount, registries are charged for their additional storage.

  • Yes, it is possible to change the SKU in the managed tier using the Azure CLI. Users will be charged at the price for the previous SKU up until the point of the change, and with the new SKU price after the change is made.

  • The bill will display the cost of each managed registry based on the SKU of the registry, as well as any network charges.

  • Standard networking fees apply to network egress from or between azure data centres. We recommend maintaining a registry in the same datacenter as your container deployments. See the geo-replication feature to manage multiple regions as one, providing network-close deployments across multiple regions.

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