Container Registry pricing

Manage a Private Docker Registry as a first-class Azure resource

Azure Container Registry provides storage of private Docker container images, enabling fast, scalable retrieval, and network-close deployment of container workloads on Azure.


Classic is billed at standard rates based on the consumption of Blob Storage and Networking in the Azure account associated with your registry. There are no incremental charges for the container registry.

Managed Registry Preview

The Managed Registry Preview provides additional capabilities, such as Azure Active Directory based authentication, webhook support, and delete operations.

Pricing details

*Basic, Standard and Premium SKUs are currently in preview. Pricing reflects a 50% preview discount.

Classic Basic Standard Premium
Price per day See Storage Pricing $- $- $-
Available Storage (GB) See Storage 10 100 500
Web hooks Not Supported 2 10 100
Azure AD Based Access Control Basic Auth w/Service Principals Individual Identity & Service Principals

Standard networking charges apply. No additional storage fees.

Support & SLA

  • Classic provides an SLA through Azure Storage
  • No SLA during preview period of Managed Registry
  • Online feedback through Stack Overflow
  • Online Issues through Github Issues


  • No, it is not possible to exceed the limits. Once limits are reached, any attempts to exceed the limits will return appropriate error messages.

  • Yes, it is possible to change the SKU in the managed tier using the Azure CLI. Users will be charged at the price for the previous SKU up until the point of the change, and with the new SKU price after the change is made.
    Conversion between Classic and the managed SKUs are coming shortly.

  • The bill will display the cost of each managed registry based on the SKU of the registry, as well as any network charges.

  • Yes, standard networking charges apply.


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