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GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

Develop securely from inception to ship.

Learn how to enable GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps in your Azure Repos

Secure developer-driven innovation

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is an application security testing service that is native to the developer workflow. It empowers developer, security, and operations (DevSecOps) teams to prioritize innovation and enhance developer security without sacrificing productivity.

Suite of security testing tools native to the Azure DevOps platform

Secret scanning to find any exposed secrets in your Azure Repos and prevent new secrets from shipping in your code

Dependency scanning to detect vulnerable open-source components and offer straightforward remediation guidance

Code scanning for powerful static analysis that helps you find and fix vulnerabilities in your code as you write it

Stop secret leaks

Detect and prevent secret leaks from your application development processes with secret scanning. Take advantage of a partner program of more than 100 service providers and scanning for more than 200 token types. Adopt secret scanning quickly and easily without the need for additional tooling via the Azure DevOps UI.

A list of alerts found through secret scanning in Advanced Security
A list of dependencies in Advanced Security

Secure your software supply chain

Protect your software supply chain by identifying any vulnerable open-source components you may be using with dependency scanning. Get straightforward guidance on how to update component references so you can fix issues in minutes.

Prevent vulnerabilities while you write code

Find and fix deep security vulnerabilities in your code without leaving Azure DevOps using code scanning for powerful static analysis. View results in the Azure DevOps UI for easy collaboration, prevention, and remediation.

A list of code scanning alerts and vulnerabilities in Advanced Security

Empower DevSecOps models with Defender for Cloud integration

Unify visibility of DevOps security posture, minimize blind spots within a single pane of glass, and get context-driven remediation guidance for code fixes. Integrating with Defender for Cloud helps organizations prioritize critical code fixes and keeps teams focused on emerging threats by reducing security issues before they reach production environments.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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