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Azure Maps pricing

Simple and secure location APIs provide geospatial context to data

Enhance your IoT, mobility, asset tracking and logistics solutions with geospatial data using Azure Maps–geospatial services APIs which enable you to easily incorporate maps, search, routing, traffic and time zones into any of your projects.

Pricing details

Standard S0
Services offered
  • Map Render Service
  • Search Service
    • Batch SearchPREVIEW
    • Batch GeocodingPREVIEW
    • Polygon from SearchPREVIEW
  • Route Service
    • Batch RoutingPREVIEW
    • Matrix RoutingPREVIEW
    • Route Range (Isochrones)PREVIEW
  • Time Zone Service
  • Traffic Service
  • Aerial Imagery Service
  • Hybrid Aerial Imagery Service
  • IP to Location ServicePREVIEW
Use Case Use this tier for development and testing and if applications are non-critical and/or do not service high numbers of concurrent users
Included free quantity

For Maps and Traffic Tiles: 2,50,000 total transactions per month

Other Maps Services: 25,000 total transactions per month

Price beyond included free quantity (For Maps and Traffic Tiles) $- per 1,000 transactions
Price beyond included free quantity (Other Maps Services) $- per 1,000 transactions (for all APIs besides IP to Location ServicePREVIEW)
$- per 1,000 transactions (for IP to Location ServicePREVIEW)
Maximum Queries per Second 50

Note on Transactions

For Maps and Traffic Tile requests, one transaction is created using increments of 15 tiles.

For Search Service, Route Service, Time Zone Service, Aerial Imagery, Hybrid Aerial Imagery, IP to LocationPREVIEW, non-Map Tile Render Service and non-Traffic Tile Service requests, each API call counts as a transaction.


  • As a specific example, let’s say that you consume the following quantities in a certain monthly billing period:

    • 300,000 transactions of Vector Map Tiles
    • 100,000 transactions of Raster Map
    • 50,000 transactions of Traffic Service
    • 20,000 transactions of Search Service

    In this billing period, you get 2,75,000 free transactions (2,50,000 for Maps and 25,000 for other services). Your total billable transactions will be:

    (400,000 total maps transactions – 2,50,000 free maps transactions) + (70,000 total other transactions – 25,000 free other transactions) = 195,000 transactions

    Your total bill for this monthly billing period will be:

    $-/1,000 transactions * 1,95,000 transactions = $-

  • The included free quantity may not apply to subscriptions associated with Azure credit offers and your account may be suspended if the spending limit is turned on. Learn more about the Azure spending limit and how to remove it.


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