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Azure support

Find the Azure support options that best meet your needs.

Explore Azure support plans

Trial, testing, and development

If you're using Azure in a nonproduction environment or just trying it out, choose the Developer plan to get an initial response to your Azure technical support requests within one business day.

Production workloads

When you’re running a production workload on Azure, get Azure technical support initial response times between one hour and one business day, based on case severity, with the Standard plan.

Business-critical functions

If you need faster response times, advisory services, and high-severity incident escalation management from a collaborative management pool, choose Professional Direct (ProDirect) support.

Comprehensive Microsoft technology support

If you need company-wide support across Azure and other Microsoft technologies, consider enterprise support.

Engage with support

Create an Azure support request

All Azure customers have access to billing and subscription management support. Technical support is available to customers with a support plan.

Tweet us @AzureSupport

Learn about popular topics and get answers and support from Azure experts on Twitter.

Connect with community support

Ask questions, get answers, and connect with Microsoft engineers and Azure community experts.

Get helpful tools to manage your resources

Track the status of your Azure services and optimize your resources using real-time dashboards, custom recommendations, and alerts.

  • Stay informed with Azure Service Health

    Get a personalized dashboard and alerts about Azure service issues and planned maintenance that affect your services. If you're already using Azure, log in to see your dashboard.

  • Get proactive with Azure Monitor

    Collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data to maximize the performance and availability of your applications by proactively identifying problems. If you’re already an Azure customer, log in to get started and set up alerts.

Access self-service resources

Azure support plans FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about how Azure support plans work.

Billing documentation

Use Microsoft cost management features to monitor, control, and optimize your Azure investment.

Portal sign-in help

Troubleshoot issues that you may experience when you sign up for a new account in the Azure portal.

Microsoft Learn

Explore topics in depth through guided paths, or use individual modules to accomplish a specific task.

How-to videos

Watch short demos to learn how to use different features in the Azure portal.

Documentation and guides

Explore getting-started guides, SDKs, tools, code samples, and documentation.