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Azure Search pricing

Search-as-a-service for web and mobile app development

Azure Search is search-as-a-service that helps developers build sophisticated search experiences into web and mobile applications. It reduces the friction and complexity of implementing full-text search and differentiates applications by using powerful features that are unique to Azure Search. Developers can integrate search into their applications more easily using Azure Search than they could by running their own search package. They also get access to rich and powerful capabilities that enhance the search experience and tie results to business objectives.

Pricing details

Offered in combinable units that include reliable storage and throughput, Azure Search allows developers to set-up and scale a search experience quickly and cost-effectively. As the volume of data or throughput needs of an application change, Azure Search can scale out to meet these needs and then scale back down to reduce costs. To get more performance, a customer can combine units to gain more queries per second or a higher document count or both. Units can also be combined to enable high availability or faster data ingestion.

High density (HD) mode is an optional setting available for standard S3. High density mode enables customers to pack in a higher number of indices per Azure Search service. This is ideal for customers building multi-tenant SaaS apps that have a large number of small tenants, trials or free accounts and want to provide a powerful search experience at a low cost per index.

Free Basic Standard S1 Standard S2 Standard S3
Storage 50 MB 2 GB per service 25 GB/partition
(max 300 GB documents per service)
100 GB/partition
(max 1.2 TB documents per service)
200 GB/partition
(max 2.4 TB documents per service)
Max indexes per service 3 5 50 200 200 or 1000/partition in high density2 mode
Scale out limits N/A Up to 3 units per service
(max 1 partition; max 3 replicas)
Up to 36 units per service
(max 12 partitions; max 12 replicas)
Up to 36 units per service
(max 12 partitions; max 12 replicas)
Up to 36 units per service
(max 12 partitions; max 12 replicas)
up to 12 replicas in high density2 mode
Data transfer Standard rates apply Standard rates apply Standard rates apply Standard rates apply Standard rates apply
Price per unit Free $- $- $- $-

1 Queries per second and documents hosted are based on target latency level of 350 milliseconds for reference data set. Actual performance may vary depending on data set and specific query used. See more information.

2 High density (HD) mode is an option available within the standard S3 service which allows a larger number of indexes to be created in a single service. Using HD mode, a service can create up to 1,000 indexes/partition, where an index may be no more than 1 million documents (or 2 GB storage) and the total number of documents and storage across all indexes may not exceed 120 million documents/partition or 200 GB/partition.

Learn more about service limits and constraints.

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability through Azure Support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided for free.
  • We guarantee at least 99.9% availability for index query requests when an Azure Search service instance is configured with two or more replicas and index update requests when an Azure Search service instance is configured with three or more replicas. No SLA is provided for the free tier. Read the SLA.


  • With Microsoft Azure Search, you are billed on a flat, predictable hourly rate based on the number of units that have been used during any given hour.

  • You are billed the maximum number of search units provisioned during any hour. If you start with two units, then scale to four units and then scale back down to two units all within an hour, you will be charged for four units.

  • The stop button is meant to stop traffic to your service instance. As a result, your service is still running and will continue to be charged the hourly rate.

  • You are billed the flat rate for each hour the unit exists, regardless of usage or if the unit is active for less than an hour. For example, if you create a unit and delete it five minutes later, your bill will reflect a charge for one unit hour.

  • Azure Search units combine to provide additional throughput and storage. For example, to scale from 15 million documents to 30 million (additional partitions), a customer can purchase two units. To increase throughput (additional replicas), they can purchase two units. To increase both storage and throughput, a customer would need to purchase four units (2 replicas x 2 partitions = 4 search units).

  • Free is a free version of Azure Search designed to provide developers a sandbox to test features and implementations of Azure Search. It is not designed for production workloads. Basic and standard are the go-to options for building applications which benefit from a self-managed search-as-a-service solution. Standard delivers storage and predictable throughput that scales with application needs. For very high-demand applications, please contact

  • Azure Search is available in the new Microsoft Azure portal. First, you must sign up for an Azure subscription, then you can add an Azure Search account to your Azure subscription via the gallery in the preview portal. Get more information.


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