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Azure Elastic SAN

Elastic SAN is a cloud-native Storage Area Network (SAN) service built on Azure. Gain access to an end-to-end experience like your on-premises SAN.

Experience on-premises SAN capabilities in the cloud

Azure Elastic SAN is a cloud-native service that offers a scalable, cost-effective, high-performance, and comprehensive storage solution for a range of compute options. Get the same simplified management experience in the cloud as with your on-premises storage area network (SAN). Gain higher resiliency and minimize downtime with rapid provisioning.

Scalability up to millions of IOPS (input/output operations per second), double-digit GBps, and single-digit millisecond latencies

Data migration with a single block storage solution that supports the iSCSI remote protocol

Unified storage provisioning and multiple volume management through grouping and policy enforcement just like your on-premises SAN

Management of replication and failover with zone redundant storage (ZRS)

Azure Elastic SAN is a true cloud-native SAN, now in GA. Learn more.

Simplify management across various compute options

Easily provision, manage, and scale workloads on Elastic SAN with the same end-to-end experience and resource hierarchy as on-premises SAN solutions. Extend storage support beyond Azure Virtual Machines to include Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure VMware Solution (in preview), cloud-native applications, and edge appliances through industry standard interface iSCSI protocols. Set consistent service management configurations at the volume group.

Data monitoring app performance and usage such as active users, daily sessions per user, session duration and top devices.

Scale performance cost-effectively

Migrate your data to Elastic SAN to achieve the performance of most on-premises SAN environments with the advantages of an efficient cloud-native solution. Deliver millions of IOPS, double-digit GBps throughput, and single-digit millisecond latency to your mission-critical applications. Buy storage capacity and provisioned performance in bulk at a low cost with the flexibility to share the provisioned performance target across multiple volumes.

Minimize downtime and maintain business continuity

Avoid costly downtime with zone redundant storage (ZRS) and local redundant storage (LRS) to protect business-critical data and applications that require high availability. Use ZRS for high levels of resiliency without having to set up multiple deployments of SAN arrays and a replication policy. Get synchronous replication across three zones in a region and safeguard your data in the event of a zone failure.

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Skilling: Getting Started with Azure Elastic SAN

Get started with Azure Elastic SAN

Gain access to an end-to-end experience like your on-premises SAN and breakthrough innovation with Azure Elastic SAN. See how to easily provision, manage, and scale business-critical workloads on Elastic SAN. Learn in-depth about the performance and storage capacity required to scale terabytes of data cost-effectively.

Built-in security and compliance

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Azure Elastic SAN resources and documentation

Blog and updates

Read the Azure blog and subscribe to Azure updates for the latest news and information about Azure Elastic SAN.

Community and Azure support

Ask questions and get support from Microsoft engineers and Azure community experts.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Elastic SAN

  • Support for these Azure services is not currently available, but is in active development.

  • Elastic SAN currently supports the following Azure compute services: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Virtual Machines and Azure VMware Solution(in preview). You can migrate workloads such as SQL Server, database workloads and VDI environments from on premises to Azure using Elastic SAN.

  • Elastic SAN offers:

    • Millisecond average latency.
    • Storage capacity up to PiB.
    • Provisioned IOPS up to million IOPS.
    • Volume throughput up to GBps.
  • Azure Elastic SAN provides a pool of block storage for multiple Azure compute services, whereas Azure Disk Storage offerings are all purpose-built for Azure Virtual Machines.

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